Comb The Weight Off is a short collection of poetry and illustrations inspired by the Akan Adinkra symbol "Duafe" which translates to "Wooden Comb." It is symbolic of self-love and care, rituals of beauty, feminity, and hygiene. 

I wanted to curate a book that carried the spirit of release during a time of uncertainty and panic. I wanted to write poetry that I consider to be love letters to all of my sisters in distress. Coming from such an incredible lineage of women it is only natural that when my pen rises so do they to share their stories. 


I found myself in constant conversation with different goddesses and women, learning the multiple ways of self-preservation and the power to keep on during times of plight. They taught me medicine, showed me love, and embodied light when the world seemed so dark.


My sister Nadia, visually translated each poem into phenomenal hand-drawn illustrations. Together we knew we had the reach to inspire this message of self-care and attention. May each piece bring you closer to the edges of reflection where you will feel your purpose pronounced. May this be the first of many books to arrive in divine time. May you continue to comb out the weight of life's many knots and tangles all the way off! May I leave you with this excerpt, this mantra...

"Where there be fear keep us faithful
Where there be trauma treat us tenderly" 

COMB THE WEIGHT OFF by Savage The Poet

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