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"The best part is that there are billions of poems, billions of lifelines, and billions of others feeling just like you. Helping each other find traces of the rays to our Sun again 🌻"

-Savage The Poet



He was sent to speak...Savage The Poet was meant to preach. Born December 23, 1995, in the hive of Brooklyn, where the block don’t sleep cause the clock is cooking. Gifted to rhyme in his youth, so he shifted to shine the truth. Lifted the signs in booths, just to find the roots of Hip Hop. An Afro Latino, Nuyorican speaking on the road to Caminos marked blessed by the strength in Tainos.


Chosen by the Honey Bee, sting it savagely or spit it poetry. Touched by the holy of spirit, and so this message is divine I hope you savages feel it, in every ode and lyric. I pray my passage will amount to fearless to lead the people like Messiah, conjured a fire to burn the match to my desires. This purpose is inspired by the tongues of griots past present and future. The ones whose language never broke to appease Goliath. The rebel hearted, Pac with a twist of Biggie, a tender touch of Celia with the kiss of Nicki. Got a pocket full of poems like the reverend Pedro, and an Afro with a fist like Miguel Pinero.


I am history soaked by my saliva, I am carried by ancestral trauma and faith, I am bite and bark, I am light and dark. I am proof personified that honey and water can become one when heat and warmth are present. A savage and a poet, a warrior and a healer.  I am the juice from fruits forbidden, I am the rose from the cracks arisen. 


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